Friday, January 15, 2010


Happy Friday! From Utah.

I travel. A lot. Tonight is no exception, I am in Utah. Interesting place to say the least. No disrespect to anyone but this place is extremely very different then the Great White North I call home.

Good or bad that depends on your views- but different.

My crew and I went to a restaurant for dinner across the street from the hotel we are staying at. We walk in and sat at the bar to have a drink... nope can't have a drink at the bar. (huh?!- but is a bar...) you can order a beer- if you order food.

Want a glass of wine? Nope not at the bar. You have to sit at a table with a server.

But the view- now that is amazing! (I tried to take pictures on the flight in- couldn't find the camera- maybe tomorrow. I wish was one of those story tellers who could paint you a picture). From my web seat out a little round window in the cargo compartment of a C310 all I could see was snow covered mountains and fog. Lots of fog- are we going to land?

Yup. One tiny opening over the runway… Perfect.

Tomorrow -Vegas.

I have never been so I am excited. I am not a gambler; I like the money I’ve earned. BUT I do love to people watch and it IS warmer then the Great White North and at least I’ll have a clue what people are talking about.

On that note, I am exhausted and tomorrow is going to be a busy day.



  1. Sounds fabulous! Cant wait to hear all about your adventures in Vegas :)

    BTW You might want to check out my site soon ;)

    HAPPY Tuesday!

  2. Weird, no drink at the bar? What's the point!?