Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vegas Baby!

After a slight delay with a broken aircraft Co-pilots Altimeter (Yeah I know- huh? Don’t worry- I kinda said the same thing and I AM the mechanic) I made it to Vegas!

I'd love to tell you I thought it was fabulous and I had a wild time... but honestly I was in my room and ready for bed by 9:30! Yep. My kids don't even go to bed that early on a Saturday night.

This weekend was exhausting. Staying in 3 different time zones in 3 days will wear anyone down- quickly.

Not to say I didn't have fun- I had a good time- I saw the fountain out side of the Bilagio (now tuned to the Pink Panther) WAY cooler then I ever imagined.

But honestly I would say my favorite part of the (short) evening- the people watching! I don't want to think I am a judgmental person BUT I love to see people from all around the world congregate in one place and interact. What better place to see people from all walks of life but Sin City?

From the dancers to the card slappers to the typical tourist with a camera around their necks (Yes- me included) it is a whole different world in itself. One that I would say is fun to see once or twice but definitely not my new vacation spot.

Everyone has there own idea of a good time and more power to them – maybe as I am getting older (NOT that I am admitting to that) my idea of fun isn’t partying until 3am anymore.

Of course I couldn’t have been to two more opposite places in one weekend. Utah you can hardly have a drink and Vegas at $14 for a martini- who can afford too?! I don’t like alcohol that much- I can be just as hyper and goofy on Pepsi.

I did stay at the Luxor (the pyramid looking place) it was neat and the adjoining room to mine seemed to be enjoying themselves with an all night party.

I also went on a hunt through every souvenir shop and tourist trap looking for all things but a Rubber Ducky that said Las Vegas. (No-we never found one) but the entire time I had that song that Bert and Ernie sing... "Rubber Ducky you’re the one... something something bath time is so much fun... something else and a little more..." stuck in my head.  One of my loadmasters was on a mission to find his girlfriend’s daughter a Ducky that said Las Vegas on it... I finally convinced him she'd love a teddy bear just as much (I hope I was right!).

Needless to say it was quite the adventure.


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  1. I am a SUCKER for souvenir shops and tourist traps...a big sucker!

    and I LOVE people watching! We live on the 4th floor of our apts and sometimes I will just sit at the window and watch..LOL I feel like a stalker!

    Glad you had a good time!