Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I don't bake.

No big secret among my friends and family- I don't bake- I don't cook- I can hardly boil water... and it has not been for a lack of trying.

SO sometime during our l-a-z-y Sunday Sweet Pea who had watched entirely way too much "Cake Boss" on TLC says “Mommy, can we make a cake?"

Me- of course I said “Of course Baby Girl” and I am thinking to myself Yep, Daddy would love to help you bake a cake!

So tonight on my way home from work I stopped at Target and bought a cake mix and yes even a cake pan. I was determined I was going to make a cake with my daughter.

So… WE did it! We made a cake.

NOT Just ANY cake but a Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese frosting! Of course Sweet Pea wants to know when we are going to decorate it too look like the ones on TV. Well honey, we need a little practice first... a lot of practice.

To top off my evening of firsts... I decided to make Chocolate covered Strawberries!

Yep even drizzled white chocolate!

I am very proud of myself... lets ignore the fact that at least 3 of them pictured here... yeah they don't exist anymore... (What diet plan?)

What do you enjoy cooking or baking?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

L-A-Z-Y Sundays

It was a much needed Lazy Sunday for everyone.  (Maybe I shouldn't have stayed up until 2am and watched the Miss America pagent).

Little Man had a very lazy day (pushing his first tooth! has really worn him out!) Yes, 10 days shy of his first birthday he is now getting a tooth!

Little Man LOVES this chair he will sit in it for hours!

Sweet Pea never did get out of her jammies other then to take a bath (and yes we even had to put the same ones back on)

This was shortly after brunch... about 2pm.

So in short we all spent the day Vegging or

"Lay still like vegetables"

Anyone know what classic movie that quote is from??

Pretty much the theme of the entire weekend it- was very nice.  Now it is 2300 and way past my bedtime.  BUT since I did veg all weekend I'm really not tired! Hmmm... maybe I should do the laundry I ignored all weekend or the cleanning I didn't do... Naw- why spoil a good weekend?! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!