Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blogging with purpose... Naw. Just for me and maybe you.

I've been thinking a lot lately about my writing, nothing new really but this time I added a little research about blogging. I read up on blogs of all different topics... "how to's" and the "what not to's" and I came to the same conclusion I hope many have. I am going to write and hope you'll read. I don't write to change the world (I wear a uniform for that), I don't write to bitch or complain how horrible people are (but we all have our moments).

I am writing to share my story, if I offend someone it is not intentional but I won't apologize for my life and what I decide to share. Something about living in America and freedom of speech? I think I slept through that class.

I wear a military uniform and am proud to do so. I am also a government employee and love my job (but will never go into anymore detail then that). I am a huge believer in raising my children right but completely guilty of spoiling them and making sure they have more than I ever did. I am constantly on the search for bigger and better not because I am not grateful for what I have but because I believe its part of the adventure. As you'll notice my life seems to be the endless balancing act of family and self. I struggle horribly with time management as with all parents the self if the first part to give. But if one person relates to one posting, then my online admissions will be well worth it. Very few who know me actually know that I like to ramble online and call it a blog. For some reason I find it easier to admit my life to complete strangers.

So here I go, again... oh, and during my research phase I found an article(I'd insert it here but I didn't agree with it so I won't) said blogs for women were sexist, and something about putting women backwards ugh I can't remember so for that this is not a woman's blog if a guy wants to hear me complain about cramps or how long it took me to get my kids to bed more power to him. BUT I am a woman, a mom, and a girl who loves to shop. you've been warned!