Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lets try this again... take two... or is it three?

I think I am going to give this another shot... writting, blogging, babbling to anyone who is willing to read.  I am sure I am talking to myself...

I am proud to say I've solved one small problem or maybe I've made it bigger?

At last post I was in a huge delemia of becoming more organized and after very little arm twisting on my part we built a new house. There- Done. Clean. At least it was for the first week we lived in it. It is much bigger then the last one and much more to clean. But there is still the excitement of a new house so, so far it is clean-ish. But the process has been fun and now for the really fun part- decorating, painting and buying new things. More to follow.

Sweet Pea is about to finnish first grade, yes I know I am a little behind on things. That goes along with my next delemia to solve... procrastination... we'll get to that later. Little Man is now 3 and a hellion on a battery opperated four-wheeler. But a sweet sweet little boy when he wants to be.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend a salute to those who are serving, served before me and of course those who gave the ultimate sacrafice while serving.  I hope everyone keeps them in mind this weekend.  My fun filled weekend? Painting. Exciting.

Be safe this weekend.