Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beautiful, Funny, Smart, My Bestfriend in so many ways.. Yet..

I haven't seen her in TWO years! Not hours, month… YEARS!
How horrible is that?!

How horrible AM I?!?!

We live about an hour apart, both have crazy lives with little kids... Confession- I've seen her boys (twins!) O-N-C-E. In the hospital the day they were born; soon they will be 2! Wow… and it is me who has missed out.

We met when I was in the 11th grade (her a Senior but she’s a couple months younger then I- Long story) - I'd just moved to a small town and I was far from impressed. She was in my first hour reading class talking about a party in a gravel pit that had been busted by the Cops- me from suburbia who'd never been to a gravel pit much less than a party in a gravel pit was again- less than impressed. Forward about 6 months to prom- She was behind me in line for the grand march, my date was a total jackass... we became inseparable!

We've been through a lot together and been there for each other through more- Marriage, Divorce, Kids, Careers, aging parents, etc...

She's been the biggest inspiration in my life- although I doubt she knows it- I've never really told her. Everyone has that one friend- the one who is going to be the stay at home mom barefoot and pregnant- Confession: when I was younger I had no desire to have kids or even get married- I was going to be the career woman with the corner office- so as much as we were best friends I never quite understood this part. But she had a hard time getting prego- she became the career woman- she became amazing. There wasn’t isn’t anything I haven’t seen her do or have no doubt she couldn’t do if she wanted.

I think about her often- I feel like a schmuck for not forcing time to spend together- I hardly know the wonderful man she married- Her two beautful sons whom she went to hell and back to get.

This is the year for my bestfriend. I know she has met amzing friends in my absense - but this year I will stake my claim and be the friend I should have been all these years.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Let's do this.

2012 was a good year- busy! but good. Nothing earth shattering just a good solid year.

We have ALL made our new years resoulutions and if anyone is like me (I hope I am not alone!) we've already fell off the bandwagon of one or two of them.

Yep. Already. But not to fear- 357 days is still better then none. Its never too late to start again.

My new years resoulution in no particular order of importance are:

Gym Time- Use the Crossfit memebership I am already paying for.

Healther living- clean (er) eating

Financial Freedom!
At least a better understanding of how, where and why I spend my money.

Family Vacation! Look out disney world!

To become a Master Seargent in the United States Air Force Reserve
(I am eligible, I just need my commander to hand me stripes- Hint, Hint Major).

At least 2 posts a week- baby steps...

A better understanging of social media and to use it!

This year I made it a point to not make a goal of "loosing 20lbs" but if I use the gym and learn to eat better the end result will be the same simular. The power of positive thinking!

What are your new years resoulutions??