Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have a signature!

Yes! I know- I am easily impressed but I now have a signature!! I would like to tell you it was all through my hard work and reading the extremely expensive book I bought. But as we all know if you Google anything- you can find it.

And found it I did. I found a very cool blog Beautiful Blog Designs:  here I found some awesome tutorials.

Now I have a signature- IN pink. I am very excited to learn more! At this same site there are many other great things as well. FREE templates and backgrounds to name a few.
I highly recommend checking it out!

Short and sweet tonight- me and my new signature say good night!


  1. LOVE the signature! and you can bet I will be checking out that site! THANKS!

  2. You are so sweet to share my link with your readers. To bless you, would you like me to make a header with custom font for you? It would be all white, but the lettering can be the same as or close to your signature? FREE of course.

    Let me know via email, readingtofour @

    Amanda - owner of Beautiful Blog Designs