Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chasing another dream.

We all have dreams and my FF will tell you I am no exception to the rule. He would probably tell you I am a bit of an extremist in this area.

None the less- for the most part he is pretty supportive- there are times I am sure he just shakes his head and waits for the idea to pass (as most of them have).

Education is a huge dream of mine (IF I ever make up my mind) I have run the gamut of ideas...

There was of course (in no particular order): Accounting, Human Resources, Paralegal, Law school, Dental Hygienist, etc… and the latest and greatest- Graphic Design.

Today, I bought a book. (exciting I know). To my surprise it is actually interesting reading. Maybe this one will pan out? Let me finish chapter 1 before we make a drastic decision.

BUT in recent I have had this urge not to work in an office with 200 other people, doing the same thing over and over. (disclaimer- I do actually like my job) but I think everyone wants the option of freedom.

My FF and I both agreed when Sweet Pea was born- I would not make a good stay at home mom. I envy any woman who can.

Freelance? Maybe.

At a minimum I would like to learn enough to spiff up my blog.
(Coming soon hopefully designed by me).

Stay tuned through this newest adventure. I won’t completely bore you with the ins &outs but I will use you as my guinea pigs :) and I hope you will be brutally honest with me. Yes- bring it on!

G'night!  ~Amber~

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  1. Guinea Pigs are cute...so I guess I can deal :) I love hearing about peoples adventures, dreams and goals!

    Besides...this is YOUR blog!!! Bore us with the ins and outs if you like!