Monday, January 4, 2010


First and foremost- WELCOME to my new blog! I previously bloged attempted blogging under a blog named 2 Princesses and a Prince and decided it was time for a change. I am a mother of "2.5" (more about them later) and my previous blog ( I am forever grateful to all 2 followers!) seemed to focus solely on my children. As fun as they are to write about- you may not always want to read about them!

ME- I am Amber-28 yikes a mother of 2.5 a wife and someone who is searching for herself amongst the daily life. I live in a great Winter Wonderland some call the great state of Hockey. I work full time in HR for the federal government and also a member of the Air Force Reserve that takes me traveling all around the world in about the slowest moving aircraft the Air Force owns... a C130 cargo plane.

My huband (yes the S is missing) who from here on out will be known solely as My Fire Fighter (FF) is Jason a member of the local volunteer Fire Department and a fulltime member of the Air Force Reserve and father of 3 beautiful children.

My 2.5- Ericka is my ".5" she is my 11 year old stepdaughter and as much as I would love to claim her solely as my own- she is not. She is with us every other weekend and summers, My FF drives two and half hours one way to pick her up so she can be with us. She is probably the sweetest most innocent angelic blond haired blue eyed tween I've ever met.

Emalie "Emmy" is 4 and a lover of everything Tinkerbelle. Completely opposite from her older sister- out going and hyper her way of life keeps us going all day long. She started gymnastics this fall and loves it. But at the same time she is sweet and loving and is always very concerned about her family.

Ethan or "Ephin" as Emmy calls him is my bald, toothless baby boy how is just shy of 11 months old already. My has this year flown! He was born with SVT and his biggest accomplishment was passing his holter a couple weeks ago and is now off his medication. A very happy go luck little boy who is very determined to figure out how everything works. 

I hope I didn't completely bore you! New and exciting things to come (I promise!) and I hope you will follow along with me on this adventure and I welcome any comments, advice you'd like to give!


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