Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My HOUSE ate my camera!?

Yes... I believe it did! I would not be that I am a poor house keeper. NOPE. It just swallowed it right up. gulp... it's gone.

...and of course for any inspiring wanna be blogger writing her second post on her new blog this would be the ultimate life crisis!

Part of me feels like I am sitting in the 5th grade again staring up at my ancient 1,000 year old teacher Ms. James batting my big blue yes and hoping for a little mercy "But the dog really did eat my homework!" (Even though my childhood dog Bear was too lazy to eat anything if it meant he had to stand up).

So... Yes, my second post will not have any pictures from my ancient 3.0 mega pixel camera tonight. OH WELL. gotta buy a new one! Bummer I know right?!

So close your eyes for a minute and picture with me a bunch of plastic Target bags sitting on a very old well loved black oval dinning room table. Inside of these bags... New healthy snacks!

I am talking celery and 100 calorie snack packs... gross right? UGH I really do hate New Year's resolutions. BUT I am going to keep this one... well at least for the rest of the week.

But seriously... How many millions of women have the same New Years resolution (loose weight, be healthy, yada yada ya) I honestly am envious of any one of them who hold this promise to themselves for more then a month!

You go girl!

I bought enough stuff to last me the rest of the week... one step at a time!

So my question(s) to you... Have you seen my camera? (Lets not look too hard the longer I don't find it the more apt I am to get a new one)

But seriously- How do YOU keep your New Year's resolution??

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