Thursday, January 7, 2010


I Found the camera... Yes.  In the backpack I'd packed it in for the last treck to the Great White North... aka the in-laws.

Bummer. I really was hoping for a new one.

But now there is another problem! (it never ends!)

The FF (On the phone with his brother) Discovered Skype!

Yes, they even figured out they can still play games together while his brother is deployed to the great sandbox for the next 6 months! (lucky me)

Yeah, Yeah... I know be supprotive yada yada ya....

But that means I have to share. 

Ok, I'm done. Enough whining.  Someone had to listen to me and My FF does not (like most men I'm sure) he kinda gets this glazed look on this face till I finnish.

Yes, even my Little Man wanted to play too...

Little Man & Sweet Pea all ready for bed...
Good Night!


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