Sunday, January 24, 2010

a REAL Blogger

Casey at brought up a great topic- one I’ll admit I’ve thought of more then once (and still trying to answer).

I can't say I feel like a "Real Blogger" just yet. Although I now have 5 dear followers that I truly cherish and roughly 200+ views on my new blog. I get giddy to see someone has left a comment and it’s nice to know someone enjoys reading what I have to say (or at least opens my page long enough for the counter to go up one more number!).

I remember My FF asking me if this was sort of "some dear diary thing" and I guess in a way it is that... and a whole lot more. The blogs I have come across and the women I have met though them are amazing women- independent and strong each in there own way- yet we have something that connects us together... our love of sharing our lives with one another.

The average blog lasts roughly 3 months- I am closing in on my first month with my new blog (only 2 more to go!) I am kidding! I hope to make it a whole lot longer. Maybe after I hit 3 months I’ll feel like a real blogger?

But seriously- what does a real blogger look like? Because I am typically laying on the loveseat in the lower level family room of my house, kids have gone to bed and my FF is playing the Wii. (Great picture huh?) I guess I kinda picture a “real blogger” sitting at least at the dinning room table if not a home office and a cup of coffee and ideas flowing!

GREAT news my FF fixed our wireless internet today so I am no longer “stuck” on the loveseat I can move around the house and blog from anywhere I please! But it’s still my favorite place to blog.


  1. It's about that time again :)

  2. Hmm... I don't know what makes you a "real blogger." I think it's just a good way to give and get advice, make your voice heard and have fun.