Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beep Beep Beep...

That would be the sound of a fire pager and it does not care what time it is, what is going on or what we are celebrating at that very moment. My entire family from extended to the kids know when it goes off My FF is gone no questions asked, his return undetermined. Could be an hour or several.

He is a member of the local Volunteer Fire Department and one of a small handful on the Rescue squad as well. These men are a close knit group, all cut from the same tough fireproof material. Every little boy dreams at one point or another of being a Fireman but only a small number are actually firemen at heart.

The one thing many people don’t realize when the one you love is a Volunteer Fire Fighter it is a life style for the entire family not just the Fire fighter. These men and women do this on top of everyday life. All work a fulltime job; have families and still life for the pager to go off. Plus training nights once a week, at our house that is Monday nights, every Monday night.

As a wife and mother I am both proud of him and completely freaked out each time that pager goes off. I try not to think about it- but I do. I worry about the things he sees on a rescue call that he won’t share with me- I pray the fire call is a false alarm.

The other night I went to bed early and My FF was bowling on the Wii. About 11pm I hear the front door close and the pickups cold engine come to life with a low groan- gone he was. I finally got Little Man back to sleep and was drifting in and out of sleep trying not to wonder when he was coming home. Sometime close to 3am I feel the bed shift with his weight a cold nose press against my shoulder. Something he does each time he crawls back into bed from a call. Maybe his way of letting me know he’s home with out waking me. But on this night I have to ask. Why so late? “Meth Fire” he responds. Instantly my mind is reeling- One night I am glad I didn’t hear the call come across the pager. The danger he was in- and I slept right through it.

Just another night in the life of a Volunteer Firefighter.


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  2. I LOVE this post! :) My father was a fire chief for a Volunteer Fire Department. I totally know that distinct beeper noise - that sends your heart racing a little bit. But as a daughter, I understood that what he did was helping others, and it made me a better person. So the late night alarms, mid-party sirens, and waiting at the fire house where I was dropped off to wait... it all meant something.

  3. Great post! We live in a very rural area and are served by a volunteer fire department. About six years ago, we had need of them and they kept our 150 year old house from burning to the ground after our electrical box exploded and caught the side of our house on fire.

    I am very grateful to those who volunteer their time and risk their lives for others. AND I appreciate the sacrifice their families make also (I am an Army brat, so I know about family sacrifices).