Saturday, May 15, 2010

How do you do it?!

I am wrtting this post from beautiful Savannah GA!

Very very pretty down here I wish I had more time! SO as most of you have noticed I have not posted in a very long time... it got to the point where something had to give and unfortuntally it was my blogging.  I have really missed writting and reading everyones blogs and being a part of something however big or small.  SO- I am back- part time if you will for now.  Since my last post I started school, I've been traveling a TON, kids, work... a ton of stuff I could have written about.  So here I am, I'm back to share this adventure.

SCHOOL- Mine, not theirs.  What a wake up call! I knew it was going to be hard but wow!  I honeslty never imagined.... I've already had midterms and I am getting my butt kicked.  But I need to stick with it.

Little Man- Walking, Running and a whole lot of fun! But he is gonna be a handfull.  15 months already! 

Sweet Pea is still in gymnastics and is almost done with preschool!  Off to kindergarten next year.  Scary.
I hope everyone having a wonderful spring!  This is short and sweet tonight its been a busy weekend and its not over yet!  Home tomorrow to get back on another airplane on Monday morning for Norfold VA.  I'll deffinatly share more about that trip this week. 

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